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Secret Supportwear for Living Life!

Our Story

After discovering the benefits of external support after my first baby, I began experimenting with various clothing options. I was searching for something I could wear under my clothes to support my pelvic floor muscles and surrounding tissue while also being comfortable and discreet. I didn’t want anyone to know I was wearing pelvic support!

Over the years, I found supportive options that are not discreet. I have also found options that are discreet but not supportive. I didn’t give up on my dream of secret pelvic supportwear, but I also wasn’t sure where to begin.

A couple of years ago, my sister introduced me to her friend, who used to be a costume designer for Disney. I explained what I was trying to design, and she said she could help!

Fast-forward two-plus years and many prototypes later, and we have created my
Pelvic Bra—secret supportwear for living life! 

During the testing phase, we received SO many messages from people telling us that it reduced or eliminated their pelvic heaviness and vaginal bulge. Some people even reported being able to pee and poop better after wearing it. They also participated in more activities wearing it than they did without it. Something else really exciting is that people felt better about their bodies!  

We have carefully created the pelvic bra to help more people live their lives with confidence and comfort. 


We sincerely hope that this will be part of your solution to achieve your goals and LIVE YOUR LIFE!!  


Whatever your feedback is, we want to hear it.  Every single review is carefully processed and considered as we are continuing to design and create. 


Thank you for your trust in us. 


Jeanice and the myPelvicBra team

Jeanice Mitchell myPelvicBra
Jeanice Mitchell myPelvicBra

Empowering comfort, one pelvis at a time. 
Our mission is to redefine pelvic support, providing innovative solutions that enhance well-being and vitality for all.

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