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Why Consider The Pelvic Bra?  

Check out the features below!

Sports Pelvic Bra

The pelvic floor is like a hammock stretching from the pubic bone in the front to the tailbone in the back. It supports the pelvic organs like the bladder, uterus, and rectum. The pelvic bra lifts the pelvic floor from below kind of like a second hammock! The pelvic bra is external pelvic floor supportwear and may help to alleviate symptoms of the vaginal bulge, pressure, heaviness, leaks, pain, and dragging.

Why myPelvicBra 7
Invisible Compressive Pelvic Support
Why myPelvicBra 3_edited_edited.jpg
Signature Reinforced Hammock

Our hammock has secret, discreet multi-directional reinforcement to lift and support where you need it most. It's like a secret hug for the vulva that no one else can see!

For those of you that prefer not to have lines on your backside from supportwear visible, this is for you! We designed the pelvic bra to be SECRET supportwear! The pelvic bra is designed thong style to eliminate lines on your backside and keep your supportwear discreet. Only you will know you are wearing it!

Why myPelvicBra No Pantyline.png
No Panty Lines
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Flexible, Contoured Waistband

Our waistband is designed to be strong enough to support the hammock but stretchy enough to expand with you as needed. Our waistband can also be raised higher on the waist to give more of a lift or lowered when less support is needed. Say goodbye to the muffin top and hello to smooth flexibility!

For people that love leggings or fitted material, the pelvic bra eliminates any worries about creases in the gusset up front. Say goodbye to camel toes!

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Creaseless Gusset
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The hammock portion of the pelvic bra that stretches front to back is encased in sweat-wicking spandex. This fabric touches delicate tissue and is designed to be soft and comfortable. Say goodbye to rough itchy fabric and hello to soft, sweat-wicking comfort!

Classic Pelvic Bra

The classic pelvic bra has all of the features of the sports pelvic bra plus the features below

Imagine being able to remove the pelvic bra when you are out and about! Support needs may fluctuate throughout the day. It is inconvenient to have to remove shoes and lower body clothing to put on or take off the pelvic bra. With the classic bra side hooks, that problem is eliminated! To remove the pelvic bra, simply unhook both sides. Say goodbye to cumbersome changes in public restrooms and hello to easy, flexible, adjustable supportwear!

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Removable Without Removing Pants
4-Way Adjustable 
"Bra-Like" Waistband

The 4-way adjustable "bra-like" waistband of the classic pelvic bra enables you to expand the pelvic bra when you need more space and reduce the size of the waistband when you need more support. This is easily done by lowering your outer clothing and adjusting the hooks on both sides. Say goodbye to supportwear that doesn't expand with you and hello to adjustable, comfortable supportwear!

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