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Discreet pelvic floor supportwear for active living

Classic PelvicBra 1.png

Offers the same pelvic support as the Sports model, with adjustable bra hooks on the waistband for easy adjustment and removal without removing your pants!

July 12 pelvic bra_edited.jpg

"I think I figured it out. I’ve never worn a thong. LOL I wear this over my briefs. I really like the support. I have purchased every pelvic support garment there is. The pelvic bra is the most comfortable. Comparing to the other ones they constantly rubbed the clitoris and vulva to the point I felt raw. But not the pelvic bra. My favourite one. I can wear it all day with no problems."

- Anonymous

What is the difference between a Sports PelvicBra and classic PelvicBra
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