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87.5% of people with heaviness/vaginal bulging had reduced heaviness while wearing it
78.95% of people felt better about themselves while wearing it

"Being 86 years of age and having a hysterectomy and prolapse repair, ~ 35 years ago, I have found the pelvic bra to give a very comfortable lift. I like wearing them over panties.. Pelvic floor exercises twice weekly for the past several years has helped tremendously in controlling leakage and passing gas. I’m delighted that the pelvic bra has added extra support in eliminating leakage and passing gas. Thank you for all you are doing to encourage and help others with pelvic floor training and support both physically and emotionally!!!"

- ME 

Women Laughing on Beach
Running with Music

"This is amazing! Helps me feel secure while running!"

- CM

"Due to my prolapsed bladder I often feel I am unable to completely empty my bladder.  When I wear the pelvic bra it definitely helped me in that area. I was able to feel when my bladder was full and then also feel like I had been able to completely empty it when I did go to the bathroom.  Which in turn decreased the bulging of the bladder in my pelvic area."

- AT 

Pregnant belly
Fit Biker

"I loved having the pelvic bra on days where I felt heavy down there and still wanted to get my workout in. During my cycle I always have a few days I feel heavy down there or sometimes after intimate time and this definitely was the little "hug" my pelvic floor needed during workouts and long walks to be able to still be active during those days. It's just enough support to feel good, but not overpowering. I like how you can get a little more by pulling it up or down. It's great because it didn't dig in either."

- CC

"Despite my skepticism, the Pelvic Bra really did alleviate a majority of the aches and pains that I get through-out the day and the ones I still had were less intense. I felt overall more supported while wearing it. The fabric is a little thick/textured but I suppose expected to achieve this level of support."

- Anonymous

Lying in Green Field
Woman at the Beach

"Hi :) I have multiple pelvic organ prolapses as well as perennial descent and have been really affected by THE BULGE! Wearing the pelvic bra has made a difference I can actually feel.  Often POP can feel limiting, but having this tool in my tool box has helped me feel supported in activities and be engaged much longer than without. Love that I can wear it with leggings and not worry about panty lines. It really is a game changer in external support, that is really your own business.  So thankful to this accessory as an option :)"

- NN

"Gave me support without anyone else being able to notice it!"

- AK

Playful Mother and Daughter

"I'm very much looking forward to the pelvic bra being available to those that deal with symptoms of vaginal bulging and heaviness! It could very well be a game changer!"


"The pelvic bra provides fantastic support when on my feet or being more active during the day chasing after my kiddos or exercising . I LOVE that I have an option for the days when I know I will need more support to reduce the heaviness/bulge sensation. As a PT myself, I recommend having the pelvic bra to provide external support so you can still live your life!"

- PH

Female Dancer
Female hiker

"I’m on my legs for 7-8 hours working and this really helps with support. Usually at the end of my shift I feel a heaviness and this really helps reduce that feeling. It’s comfortable,  low profile and doesn’t show through pants. I will definitely be wearing it at work and on hikes. Plus it reminds me to focus on my posture!"


"I was able to wear this while on my period walking around Disney World/Magic Kingdom with my two young kids. I was able to go to the restroom easily, ride rides without it feeling too tight around my waist, and push my stroller/carry my young toddler without feeling extra heavy. It gave me support in my pelvic floor that normally I do not have with only a tampon while walking around Disney on my menses. I tend to avoid a trip like that when I know my period will start. It is something I will use when we are going on vacation or on a fun trip with friends, even an all day festival or park day when I feel heavier down there, to help support me."

- FK

Mother and Baby
Yoga Friends

"I felt my pelvic floor was more supported as I went through my day to day ADL's. Usually if I'm carrying my daughter for a long period of time I will start to feel the presence of tissue in my perineum, but I didn't notice that as much when wearing the pelvic bra."

- BA

"I felt less heaviness and more support while wearing the pelvic bra."

- Anonymous

Balance Exercise

"I have used the pelvic bra during workouts and treadmill work and have found it supportive of my pelvic floor!"

- Anonymous

 I was a prototype tester and wore my Pelvic Bra to work every night. It’s a game changer as I’m on my feet for 7 hours and after I put it on it I could barely feel it. It also reminded me about my posture and stance. Highly recommend it!

- DJ

Toe Stand
After Workout

"I was a prototype tester and wore the Pelvic Bra over my regular everyday panties all day. The support I felt for my prolapse was amazing - there was no pain, just a lifting and “tucked in” feeling to make things more comfortable!”

- OM

"I wanted to share that the pelvic bra works!!! Like you didn’t know that:)

I am able to do jumping jacks on my trampoline without leaks!!"

- Anonymous

Women on the Beach
Image by mr lee

"I think the pelvicbra is a game changer- external support presented in an attractive, non-intimidating way!”

- Dr. Sarah Boyles 


"I was surprised at how well this works. The secure feeling it gives was remarkable!"


- JM

Yoga Class
July 12 pelvic bra_edited.jpg

"I think I figured it out. I’ve never worn a thong. LOL I wear this over my briefs. I really like the support. I have purchased every pelvic support garment there is. The pelvic bra is the most comfortable. Comparing to the other ones they constantly rubbed the clitoris and vulva to the point I felt raw. But not the pelvic bra. My favourite one. I can wear it all day with no problems." 

- Anonymous

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